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SKA SKA SKA! and a wee bit o punk~

cant forget the psychobilly

3/17/18 09:36 am - Somersault

They call it falling in love
When have you ever fallen
And not been hurt
I suppose the in love part means
I'm willing to tumble
Head over heels
Down this this hill
And endure every bump and bruise
As long as i make it out alive
With you

3/17/18 04:02 am - Blacksmith

There was a sadness in her heart
But fire in her eyes
She may have been told she was broken
But the fire kept her going
Like flames to steel
Every ounce of hurt
Only made her stronger

3/16/18 08:13 pm

The worst part of heart break
Is realizing that the pain
Wasnt from losing love
Its that you dont have a place
To give all your love
Wearing your heart on your sleeve means
Its not so much to be loved
As it is to love

3/10/18 03:48 pm - Slipping

How is it possible
That time can heal
All wounds
But at the same time
Be my mortal enemy.
Days and days
Can drag on forever
But 30 years flew by
In the blink of and eye
3 years with you felt like
A weekend rager
But 12 hours before
I see her
Feels like my watch stopped
Can I close my eyes now
And when i open them
I'll be with her

3/8/18 11:13 am - Funny

It's much harder
To write poetry
With a smile
On your face
But I wanted
To write about
About how she
Makes me feel

3/4/18 09:52 pm - Resurgence

Its a strange feeling
When parts of you resurface
Parts you had laid to rest
Years ago
Stay gold
Never sacrifice your shine
For the luster of others

3/2/18 08:35 am - Sickness

Our favorite things
Are no longer mine
I avoid them
Like the plague.

2/28/18 04:57 pm - Hopeless

I've never considered me
Without you.
Always half short
1+1=1 to me not 2
There is just something missing
Without you
It might not even be you
I'm a hopeless romantic
I fall in love so easily
I'm a pretender
I need somebody to help me
Shatter my heart.

2/28/18 04:39 pm - Removal

Every day is a little easier.
But still i find myself getting up hung up on little things.
If i could remove your smile
The sound of your laughter
From my memory
I might be able
To just put this all behind me.

2/26/18 05:33 pm

All my things are still in boxes
Since i vacated your home.
Any reminder of us
Out of sight.
I can't help but wonder
How much of me you are still living with.
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