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SKA SKA SKA! and a wee bit o punk~

cant forget the psychobilly

11/25/08 11:31 pm


5/9/08 01:53 am - cant believe i still have this thing

you arent deleted
yer my only friend

12/13/06 09:37 pm

dont shut me down please

8/28/06 12:27 am

so heres to another update so my fuckin journal doesnt get deleted before i make it to printing all of my entries off.

6/27/06 12:56 am


my new myspace name, still have the same lj.

seriouslly dont know when i last updated this. i miss it.

my roots right here. first journal ever.

i started printing off my entries, i made it through the first month and its over 50 pages long.


11/24/05 01:42 am

well its been damn near forever so i thought id stop by and see how things were going over here in lj

i have a myspace my url is something like http://www.myspace.com/impoorandimweirdbabay

or my display name is EYE DONT WANNA CHANGE MY PANTS

and you know my xanga- dirtyskankER


10/4/05 09:52 pm

its been almost 3 months and i have totally converted to xanga, tis a sad sad time

7/17/05 04:51 am

well today was me and cassies one and and 3 month anniversary. we had orignally planned for a drive in the country but i had woken up with a migraine and couldnt fuckin move. so i called her up and told her i couldnt make it. but i took some medicine and got some more sleep. twas like 15 hours of sleep. then tony called and said he was coming over. and then he did and we went skating at bayport. well we didnt even really skate we just kinda chatted about life, and girls. it was pleasent. then we went back to my house and played soccerwallball. i won. and then the gals showed up. me and my cassie doll made up after one of our disputes. i love her. for real. i am going to marry that girl and everyone should got damned know it. we watched tv for a while then played nite games when brandon and charney showed up. the girls left at lke 1130 and the guys went to taco bell for like 2 things. then charney left and we headed to black stone and met ross and shanna there and it was an actual good time. lots of laughs. and lots of dogging on b-don for being gay. and ross the smokin' dragon strikes AGAIN. then we all came home. today was a good ole summer day. and i loved it. i will start waking up more. im going to gun for 10. then ill do school work and then whatever the fuck i want that doesnt consist of money or driving.

well peace out and keep on skankin!

7/12/05 01:04 am

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7/12/05 12:44 am

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ive spent the last 2 weeks in south carolina basically

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