OS77 (wapa) wrote,

its ok. it is ok. is it ok.

Its ok
For the time being
Its ok
We talk
We smile
We laugh
You smile
We say nothing at all
We look into eachothers eyes
But not for long
We try to remember that its ok
The time apart
Its not spoken of
Its ok
Small talk fills the empty spaces
Its ok
The whats new
Whos new
Where things are going
Where things have been
Everyones ok
We're ok
But are you ok
We smile
But you dont really
Do you
Are you ok
Small talk opens worlds
Open ears, opens eyes
Your pain seeps in to the cracks
Those cracks filled with smokes and smoke
Filled with the pained chuckles
Its ok though
Youre not ok
Not yet
You will find yourself
Maybe sooner
Most likely later
You will find your strength
Stand up for yourself again
Believe in yourself again
And you will smile
You will be ok
Its ok
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